Specialty coffee cups for the good of the planet

Share the rich flavours and aromas of your specialty coffee while protecting the planet with CleanCup, a recyclable takeaway cup designed for third wave coffee roasters and coffee shops.

Developed with the help of professional cup tasters, certified Q graders, and environmental experts, CleanCup is designed to preserve the distinct characteristics of your coffee, while being easy to recycle at local facilities.

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We work closely with roasters and other coffee businesses from around the world. They trust us to support their brand with sustainable, high-performance coffee packaging – and we can do the same for you.

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Lids for disposable coffee cups


When you drink a cup of specialty coffee, you need to be able to take in all of those rich, aromatic compounds – otherwise the coffee will taste flat and unexciting.

However, with a traditional takeaway cup, the majority of these compounds are blocked by the lid. While they prevent spillages, traditional coffee cup lids actually act as a barrier between the coffee and your nose.

Working with a team of professional cup tasters, we’ve developed SensoryLid for our cups: a specially-designed lid that allows customers to appreciate the full aroma of their takeaway coffee.

The SensoryLid features a wide drinking spout that allows aromatic compounds to reach the customer’s nose as they drink. It is also designed to be super easy to remove in order to replicate the drinking experience from a regular disposable cup.

Lids for disposable coffee cups
Disposable coffee cup
Our coffee cups to go are compostable and recyclable

Protecting the planet

Climate change is occurring at a rapid pace – and the millions of unsustainable takeaway cups going to landfill aren’t helping the situation.

At MTPak Coffee, we believe in protecting the planet so that future generations can continue enjoying specialty coffee. 

Therefore, we ensure that all our takeaway cups are 100% recyclable, from the lid to the sleeves. This is because we make them from polylactic acid (PLA) and kraft paper.

PLA is a bioplastic made from renewable resources, such as cornstarch and sugar cane, while kraft paper comes from wood chips. When disposed of, these two materials break down into non-toxic byproducts, meaning they have a minimal environmental impact.

However, unlike other compostable materials, PLA and kraft paper have a stable shelf life, meaning they won’t disintegrate or degrade until placed in an environment suitable for composting.

Find out more about the environmental benefits of PLA and kraft paper cups here.

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