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CLEANCUP: Compostable coffee cups to go

Saving the planet is important. But so is preserving the quality of your coffee. Realising these two essentials, we created CleanCup, a fully compostable disposable cup designed specifically for the specialty coffee sector.

Forget about the papery taste you usually associate with takeaway coffee orders. With CleanCup, we promise the cleanest-tasting coffee from start to finish. 

And, when your consumers have finished their brew, CleanCup will break down into non-toxic matter within 90 days when placed in a commercial composting facility.

Ideal for everything from filter coffee to flat whites, CleanCup will help your brand reach new corners of the specialty market. Why, we hear you ask? Because everyone will be talking about it.

Find out more about our eco-friendly packaging materials and how your brand can use them!

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With offices across London, Sydney, Melbourne, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, we are not only available to answer enquiries 24 hours a day, we also understand emerging trends all around the world. As a result, we’re perfectly positioned to provide a packaging design service that is based on your target market.

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